Kamis, 12 Mei 2016

Mba Zai, We Love U..

Please, let it be the last thing i know about you..
The last memory i have about you..

Full of grateful, sorrounded by people you loved and also love you..

This is the way u see your life..
Always see the good even at the worst place..
I will do it for my self too, im sure..

Mba Zai..
They said, good people gone early..
I dont know.. Ive seen both..
But.. Looking at you right now.. I believe its true..

Good people gone early..
Maafinlah ya mba bahasaku yang acakadul, kalo kamu yang baca pasti penuh koreksi sana sini.. Gatau.. Ngalir aja nih..

Untuk dirimu yang super sanguinis.. Aku gak akan lama mellow-mellow nya mba.. Ini yang terakhir kok.. Nanti kamu gak suka..

We love you.. Mbak Zai.. Liza Destaria :*

Balikpapan, 12 Mei 2016
She is gone~

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